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Turo Darboe gives over D1.2M to Jassong

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The Founder and CEO of the Vision Development Foundation Momodou Turo Darboe on Saturday presided over another adoptation ceremony in Jassong, Jarra East where his Foundation donated D1, 0233, 000, (One Million Two Hundred and Thirty Three Thousand Dalasis) in cash and kind to the community.
The donation covered the provision of a milling machine, a new borehole and the fencing of the village’s school compound.

Additionally the Foundation donated D25, 000 to the village youths for the constrction of a platform for the borehole with another D5, 000 going to the village’s football club Rising Stars.
A nearby village Bureng received D200, 000 for construction work at their school while the police stations at Pakaliba and Bureng both got D10, 000 for logistical support.
All mosques in the 33 villages in the district got D1,000 from VDF.

Speaking at the ceremony Mr Darboe congratulated Jasong and thanked them for extending him and his delegation a warm reception. He reminded the community of Jarra that the VDF is a non-political organization whose focus is on humanitarian interventions across the country in the last 25 years.
“I am glad to be here to fulfill yet another VDF intervention; to assist your community in alleviating your most pressing needs,” he said.

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Mr Darboe urged the people of the area to put political differences aside and pull their weight together for the collective interest of their communities.
The PRO and operations director of VDF Saikou Fofana introduced Mr Darboe as a citizen of the Gambia concern with the welfare of the common people. He thanked the people of Jasong through the MP and local dignitaries for a very vibrant diasporan community and proactive village development committee.

“Today Mr Turo Darboe is proud to be your adopted Father because of your own efforts in the drive to develop your own place and I have no doubt that you will continue to work in the interest of your village,” he said.
Fakeba Fadia, the chairman of the Jasong VDC expressed the gratitude of his village to Mr Darboe and the VDF and thanked his fellow villagers who worked tirelessly to achieve the fruitful ties between Jasong and the VDF. He presented the village’s five-year development plan and pledged that the community of Jasong will live up to expectation and will be good example of the VDF supported communities.

The occasion was witnessed by the National Assembly member Jarra East, Sainey Touray who commended VDF for intervening positively in his constituency.
Hijinke Kanyi, a prominent native of Jasong thanked the VDF for the assistance.
The occasion was witnessed by the National Assembly members of Jarra West Kajally Fofana and Latrikunda, Saikou Marong among others.

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