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UDP accuses NPP of fomenting tribalism

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By Tabora Bojang

United Democratic Party leader Ousainu Darboe has accused President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party of engaging in “dirty plots” to divide Gambians along ethnic lines.

Darboe made this allegation at a press conference on Saturday, where he reacted to a widely circulated audio released by an unknown man said to resident abroad who was heard insulting the Wolof tribe.

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The UDP leader condemned the diatribe and dissociated his party from “such acts of cowardice” and said it runs contrary to his party’s principles of respect, equality and being law abiding at all times.

He claimed that the audio was released by members of the NPP who intended to promote tribal discord and create discontent against the UDP.

“The NPP knows that they are already losing the battle and now they want to do everything they can to tarnish the image of the UDP in the eyes of other tribes so that they will distance themselves from the party. This is why they released this audio which is in fact an audio made since 2020. We will expose all their plots now to the campaign period because dirty politics cannot survive in this country,” Darboe warned.

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“We totally condemn this audio because such attitudes are unacceptable in our religions, societal norms and traditions. I heard people associating it with the UDP even though the person did not mention he is from any party, he only spoke in Mandinka and being a Mandinka does not mean the person is UDP. Whoever assumed that has seriously erred and is not a truthful person,” he charged.

Darboe said since the formation of the party in 1996, it has committed itself to peace, respect of the law and order and avoidance of any action that will disunite Gambians.

“This is what I have always advocated for and continue to constantly remind my people not to respond to any insults against me.”

According to Mr Darboe, his investigation revealed that the audio was released in 2020 by a Gambian based in Germany who was responding to a fellow diasporan who?allegedly insulted the Mandinka tribe.

“In fact, when that guy did that he was called by some concerned Gambians in the diaspora including Bamba Mass and asked to apologise because his statement was unacceptable and he apologised,” he said.

Darboe reminded Gambians to ensure the coming elections are free from violence saying the peace and stability of the country should be everyone’s concern. “That is what I will continue to preach. Let us come together to ensure that chaos does not come into this country and sustain the good image of peace it is known for.”

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