UDP clarifies Darboe’s Sarahule comment

UDP clarifies Darboe's Sarahule comment


By Omar Bah

The UDP has clarified the comments made by its leader Ousainu Darboe which caused anger among the Sarahule tribe.

Mr Darboe accused the Sarahules of attempting to turn President Barrow and his National People’s Party into a Sarahule “property” despite not voting for him in 2016.


But a statement issued by Karamo Njie, the a UDP regional spokesman clarified: “I want to make it abundantly clear that Darboe’s statements were not meant to cause any malice or contempt against the Sarahule tribe.

“As a matter of fact he was only expressing his discontent with a few individuals from the Sarahule community who turned their back on President Barrow during 2016 presidential elections but now want to take ownership of him,” the statement added.

The party said its leader would not spite the Sarahule tribe when its upper river regional chairman Famara Jabbi is a highly respected figure within the Sarahule community.

“So his statement was distorted and blown out of proportion just to annoy the Sarahule community. In fact, at the time of making that statement, there were thousands of Sarahule people in the crowd but they were never upset about it, because they had understood what he meant in his statement,” the party said.