UDP Councillor decamps to NPP


By Amadou Jadama

The councillor for Giboro Ward in Kombo East, Ousman Bah, has confirmed to The Standard that he has left the UDP and shifted his allegiance to President Barrow’s National People’s Party.

Councillor Bah, a resident of Madina Talokoto, told The Standard yesterday: “I was elected on a United Democratic Party ticket as councillor for Giboro Ward and I have been serving for the past few years as a councillor at the Brikama Area Council. But as from today, I have officially declared my allegiance to the National People’s Party.”


Asked why, Bah said the majority of the people who elected him into office have defected to NPP and have been constantly calling on him to join the white horse party.

Asked whether he has tendered his resignation letter to the UDP, Bah replied: “No I did not tender my letter, but I feel that I can declare my allegiance through the media like The Standard. I know the media is widely followed and will amplify any message given to them.

“I was not induced by anybody, and I have no connection with State House. I merely focus on my development and my electorate, and that is my agenda.”

I believe that to achieve that agenda, I should join the ruling party. Things have not been going well with me and my party UDP. When I wrote on my Facebook page congratulating President Barrow for his landslide victory, it did not go down well with so many party members,“ Mr Bah said.

Councillor Bah described President Barrow as “a humble man who wants to develop this country”.

He added: “For the UDP, I can only thank them for giving me the opportunity to serve as councillor for nearly five years…