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UDP, don’t repeat the same mistake!

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By Yusupha Bojang

Some UDP supporters are warming up to the idea of Talib Bensouda replacing Ousainu Darboe as leader of the UDP. It’s the dumbest political project imaginable!

The UDP will never be the same when Talib is mistakenly anointed leader of the party! Talib Bensouda does not have the capacity and competency required to lead The Gambia through the necessary political and economic development reforms.

To be the leader of a local government authority is different from being the president and leader of a country.

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Talib is too young to be the president of The Gambia. And everyone knows that Talib works from under the thumb of his mother. The Gambia can’t afford another president who’s told what to do and how to do it.

If the tribal political bigots in The Gambia are telling the UDP to give us Talib and we’ll vote for the UDP, they can disappear as far as I’m concerned.

We need a president in The Gambia who has the capacity and the competency to lead the government and the country through the unavoidable political and economic development reforms if The Gambia is ever to become a better democracy and a developed economy.

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Another colonial political leadership and national economic development policy orthodoxy will only further increase the political and economic development degradation in The Gambia.

The next leader of the UDP and president of The Gambia must have the political leadership awareness, capacity and competency like Ousmane Sonko in Senegal. That would be the only political leadership qualities, policy ideas and agenda for government that will reform and change the deplorable political and economic development conditions in The Gambia.

Talib is very young and inexperienced; he’s one from the box and thinks within the box. Talib is the handpicked product of Ousainu Darboe for known reasons.

It will be another wasted generation in politics and national economic development for The Gambia if he is foisted on The Gambia and the UDP.

The level of capacity, competency and confidence needed to lead The Gambia from the horrendous presidency of Barrow is enormous!

That job requires a leader who can think on his feet for himself, command the respect of his political colleagues and not a political creation of cronyism.

We have a country to develop and peoples lives to develop!

The UDP made the grave mistake of supporting Darboe’s terrible idea to oppose the implementation of the 2016 Coalition agreement.

And if the party makes the same mistake of making Talib Bensouda its leader, you will find out again for itself!

If they don’t understand the dynamics of Gambian politics and the scale and scope in capacity and competency required from the next president of The Gambia, please let them just listen and wait.

Because of Jammeh, we supported Adama Barrow and if because of President Barrow they decided to hoist Talib Bensouda on the UDP and The Gambia, they will pay double the expensive price!

Why should The Gambia and the UDP bother with another president and leader who is as ordinary as it gets – no intellectual brilliance, no discernible understanding of democratic politics and economics . Why should we?

Yusupha Bojang also known as “Major” is a native of Brikama and a long time resident of the UK. He is a keen commentator on politics and economics as they impact on The Gambia.

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