‘UDP Gov’t long overdue’

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By Aminata S Kuyateh

Ebullient opposition United Democratic Party National Assembly member for Latrikunda Yahya Menteng Sanyang has reacted to his party’s victory in the urban area as a testimony that a UDP government is long overdue. 

The UDP won four out of the eight local government areas including Banjul and two other most populated municipalities in Saturday’s polls.


Speaking to The Standard on the election, Sanyang said the electorates have given a convincing mandate to the UDP cementing an already huge trust in the party. “This is a vote of no confidence in the NPP government delivered in a strong message,” he said.

Sanyang said Gambians are yearning for quality leadership in this trying times and they have recognised that that cannot be guaranteed under the Barrow administration. “The voters are telling Barrow and his government that Gambians are suffering and they want a new direction and that new direction is being paved by the UDP.

Our party’s National Assembly members, councilors and mayors will deliver quality   representation in their respective terms. Our elected representatives will inspire the citizens towards honest and sincere development goals that would make them to believe that a UDP government is long overdue, “he said.

Sanyang said the party’s huge success in Saturday’s election is a foundation for the 2026 presidential elections.