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UDP Kiang-Baddibu Association threatens court action against alkalolu, chiefs who meddle in politics

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By Amadou Jadama

The Kiang Baddibu-UDP Association has said they would take legal actions against any chief, alkalolu or governor who is camping for any political party.

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Speaking at a meeting in Faji Kunda, one Karamo Njie, All Baddibu UDP North Bank Region spokesperson said they will not allow the Yahya Jammeh era politics where village heads, chiefs and governors who are supposed to be neutral openly campaign for the ruling party.
“During the former president Yahya Jammeh’s regime, he used the chiefs, governors and alkalolu as political tools to campaign for his personal interest against their constitutional mandate. That is exactly what the Gambian people fought against and we will not allow it again,” Mr Njie said.

He said the UDP will be monitoring the local leaders and will not hesitate to take legal actions against them for abusing their offices whenever they are found campaigning for any party.
Mr Njie said the chiefs and governors must remain neutral when it comes to politics.

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