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UDP leader may sue Rambo Jatta

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By Amadou Jadama

UDP leader Ousainu Darboe has threatened to sue Ousman ‘Rambo’ Jatta for alleging that he was an accomplice in the killing of two police officers last week.

Addressing journalists on Saturday, Darboe said: “I am in the process of seeking legal advice with the intention of initiating a lawsuit against Ousman ‘Rambo’ Jatta, the consular officer at The Gambia embassy in South Africa. I have already started consulting lawyers about the outrageous statement made by Mr Jatta that I am an accomplice in this matter.”

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Mr Jatta has been persistently vocal in his condemnation of Mr Darboe. He was an executive member of the UDP for many years before decamping to the APRC during the heydays of President Jammeh.

Following the fatal shooting of two paramilitary police, Mr Jatta released audios on social media calling for the arrest of certain UDP chieftains in relation to the murders.

During the press conference where he threatened legal action against Jatta, the UDP leader said the arrest and detention of his party’s campaign manager Momodou Sabally and Brikama BAC councillor Sheriffo Baiyo Sonko was “political motivated” and the former’s apparently instigated by Mr Jatta. He demanded their immediate and unconditional release.

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Mr Darboe said the government arrested Sabally in a bid to silence him.

“You can incarcerate us but you cannot stop us from talking. The ideas will continue to flow in the streets,” he vowed.

He claimed that the Barrow government has no regard for the rule of law, and that they rely on Jammeh’s tactics to silence their critics.

“Our lawyers have visited Mr Sabally and Mr Sonko. They have confirmed that Mr Sabally is doing fine. His family is also in the best of spirits,” he said.

He said the government is abusing the 72-hour constitutional provision to incarcerate opponents.

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