UDP man arrainged over colleague’s inciting audio explains

UDP man arrainged over colleague's inciting audio explains


By Omar Bah

Sarjo Jarjue, a top UDP financier who was among those mentioned by arrested party supporter Lamin Darboe who made an audio inciting a Rwanda-type violence has dissociate himself from the author’s behavior.

Last week a former fire service officer and native of Jarra Bureng Lamin Darboe circulated an audio, inciting Gambians to go out and burn the country. In the audio, Mr Darboe was heard calling on the likes of Sarjo Jarjue and others to come out and join the process. The audio prompted an angry reaction from UDP leader Ousainu Darboe who suggested that the police should trace those mentioned in the audio to help identify the voice behind the audio.


Sarjo who was among those named by Lamin said he has nothing to do with the author of the audio or its content. “The only connection I have with the author of the audio is that we both support the UDP and share the same Whatsapp group. I want to assure the UDP membership more especially Ousainu Darboe that I will never under any circumstances take part in irresponsible actions like this. I am better than that,” Jarjue said.

Mr Jarjue said when the audio was released, he was not even in the country.

“It was when I return from my trip that my niece informed me about it so when I listened to the audio the following morning, I contacted one Omar Ndow a CID officer at Banjulinding police about it. But moments after someone sent me Ousainu Darboe’s audio suggesting that the police should trace me to get the author,” he said.

He added: “Immediately I reported myself to the Banjulinding police station to clear my name. They didn’t allow me to talk instead they asked me about Lamin Darboe and I told them I don’t know Lamin Darboe’s home and that is the fact,” he said.

He said after Banjulinding they were taken to the PIU where they were asked questions about the WhatsApp Group and why it was formed.

“We were then moved to the Police Headquarters’ where we spent the night,” he said.