UDP NAM advises Barrow to end tour


By Omar Bah

The opposition UDP National Assembly Member for Brikama North, Alhagie S Darboe, has advised President Adama Barrow to immediately end his “ill-advised” Meet the People Tour and focus on pressing issues affecting the Gambian people.

“I want to advise my brother to retire at the State House and focus on the issues affecting the Gambians, especially the welfare of the people of Foni who are suffering from the Casamance conflict. We know the constitution gives him the right to meet the people but what he is saying in these meetings doesn’t really address the challenges people are facing in this country,” he told The Standard Tuesday.


Mr Darboe said it is disappointing that Gambia is still same six years after removing Jammeh.

“We removed Jammeh for the better. We never anticipated that six years on we will have a president who acts exactly like Jammeh. In fact, I cannot recall any National Assembly election where Jammeh embarked on a Meet the People Tour to campaign for APRC candidates. So we don’t expect Barrow to be stooping so low because it will not take us anywhere,” he said.

He said the president should work on uniting the country and not to further divide it.

Commenting on last December election, Darboe said the opposition has now realised that the current situation cannot stay and will be motivated to come together in the next presidential election to remove Barrow.

“In the next presidential election, we will put our differences aside and try to uproot this government. We have all learned a lesson and we have agreed that things cannot remain like this,” he said.


Mr Darboe said he is confident that he will be reelected into the National Assembly.

“My people have reassured me that they are happy with the way and manner I represented them at the parliament and because of that they will give me a second chance,” he added.