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UDP DID NOT PROMISE ANYONE …Darboe clarifies party’s position on mayorship

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By Amadou Jadama

The leader of United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe has said that the party has not promised any of the aspiring candidates applying for sponsorship for mayor.
Darboe made this remark Saturday while presiding over inauguration of a foot bridge built by Bundung NAM Bakary Njie.

“We are made to understand that many people are vying for the position of mayor under UDP ticket but the party did not promise anybody yet. The councils are not yet dissolved and it is only after that the party will start its selection process,” Darboe said.
He warned that party militants must be ready to support whoever becomes the lucky candidate and ensure a UDP victory.

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Darboe also called on the youths and the women to fully participate in the coming local government election.
He said the work of a politician starts from the councils and the youths must be involved. Darboe advised that women too should come out and participate in the forthcoming Local Government election so that they can put the cause of women in the forefront.

On the much talked about and widespread concern that tribalism is eating its way into the country’s politics, Darboe said there is no tribalism in The Gambia and certainly the UDP is not tribalistic. “Any notion that UDP is a Mandinka party is unfounded, false, and completely erroneous. But I am sure that Gambians would never listen to those ignorant comments because Gambians fully know the Gambia is not made of only one tribe. The UDP has majority in the assembly and they are from different constituencies and tribes,” he said.
Turning to the people of Bundung Darboe, commended Hon Bakary Njie for the generous work for his constituency.

The UDP leader advised his militants to always respect the law and never engage themselves in politics of insulting and provocation. “Even if they insult my mother, don’t bother to respond to them,” Darboe urged his militants, adding “we are doing our job to ensure that this country moves forward.”

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