UDP says NPP will not win a seat in NBR

UDP says NPP will not win a seat in NBR


By Amadou Jadama

Karamo Njie, the UDP North Bank Region spokesman, has claimed that the NPP will not win a single seat in the region in the coming parliamentary election.

Mr Njie walked into offices of The Standard to counter claims by NPP’s Karamo Jadama that the ruling party will take all the seven parliamentary seats up for grabs in the region.


He stated: “God willing, UDP will take all the seven National Assembly seats in North Bank Region. NPP will not get even a single seat there. Karamo Jadama, is just deceiving himself and President Adama Barrow. NPP didn’t win the presidential election. There were a lot of malpractices in that election. They registered foreigners in huge numbers, bought votes and induced people with money and milling machines which are illegal.

“Gambians should vote for UDP candidates because the hardship in the country is pervasive.  President Barrow cannot rule this country.”

Njie said UDP is the only party that “can pull Gambians out of the hole in which they are in now”.

“I can assure you that we, the people of Baddibu, did not vote for President Barrow and we will never vote for him were he to construct our roads with silver and gold. We said the same to former president Yahya Jammeh,” he asserted.

Njie warned non-Gambians to stay away from illegally participating in our electoral process. “The people of North Bank are ready for this election because we will not allow any foreigner to vote,” he said

He further urged those engaging in voter’s card buying to desist from the “illegal and corrupt practice”.