UDP surrogate rubbishes CepRass poll

UDP surrogate rubbishes CepRass poll


By Amadou Jadama

A UDP regional spokesperson has said the latest CepRass poll indicating that NPP’s Adama Barrow is likely to win the presidential election “is unfounded and totally misleading”.

Karamo Njie from North Bank Region who walked into the offices of The Standard yesterday contended: “The latest survey conducted by CepRass is completely false and misleading and they are misleading President Barrow. If their aim is to please him, this will be the last pleasure he will get in his presidency.


I am a citizen of North Bank Region and I also did my research and I find out that these CepRass people did not even reach North Bank, and that is why many people in the region were left speechless when they heard the news. Many people told me they were not aware of any survey conducted by CepRass in their villages in NBR.  Therefore, we challenge them to come out and tell us which village in North Bank they went to and which village hosted them. If some person or party is giving them money to cook up such suspicious figures, let their sponsors ask them because they have not reached our region”.

“Even through casual observation, any independent minded and sensible person will know that the majority of Gambians are behind UDP. Even Essa Faal will beat President Barrow. Barrow may even take fourth position. I did my own research and I toured the country and I read the situation – the way and manner that Gambians are reacting. Even President Barrow himself knows that he is not going to make it. We at the UDP believe we are going to win by the grace of Allah.

“Let me tell you this, there are some regions in this country, if you control them, then you win. They are North Bank Region, Lower River Region, West Coast Region and Kanifing Municipality, and we control all these regions. I think CepRass only went to URR, and even in URR we are going to share the votes with President Barrow.  In fact, Mamma Kandeh will beat him there.” 

Mr Njie urged his party’s supporters to “totally ignore” the CepRass poll results.