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UDP tells ‘Rambo’ to shut up


Responding to a recent claim by the deputy ambassador to South Africa and member of the APRC, Ousman Rambo Jatta that the opposition UDP doesn’t love the country and the party has no interest to defend right or justice, UDP’s Bundung spokesperson has described these criticisms as “misleading and unfair” to the party.

“These comments are very unfair to the UDP. This party has sacrificed a lot in this country to deserve such misguided and irresponsible comments,” Sulayman Dampha said.

He said no Gambian in his/her right senses will denigrate UDP’s contribution in the fight against Yahya Jammeh’s tyranny and brutal regime.

“Many of our supporters were killed or maimed by Jammeh for fighting to liberate this country, so nobody can take that away from us. Rambo is free to say whatever he wants but he should be truthful,” he said.

Yankuba Darboe

Reacting to Rambo’s comments on Brikama Area Council (BAC) chairman Yankuba Darboe’s case, Dampha said it is hypocritical for Rambo or anybody to even think that the government is pursuing that case in the interest of justice delivery.

“That is far from it,” he said. “This government has made it a habit to target the UDP and that is not fair giving the role the party played to get its very leader elected in 2016,” he argued. 

He said Rambo as a person has no moral authority to preach justice to Gambians after working for a brutal dictator like Yahya Jammeh for years.

“It is sad that people like Rambo would rant today, attacking the UDP. I think if he was genuine he would have been complaining about excesses of this government and the lack of development under Barrow,” he said. Dampha said currently Gambians are struggling for basic things like water under a government that cannot even operate a simple and effective ferry service.

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