UDP will go to revising courts if necessary – Taal


By Omar Bah

The spokesperson of the United Democratic Party has said his party is assessing information about the registration and will go to the revising courts if there are tangible justifications to do so.

The Independent Electoral Commission will soon set up revising courts for parties to file complaints.


“The whole essence of having the revising courts is to make sure that the integrity of our electoral process is kept. We are advising ourselves about the current state of affairs and when the IEC announces dates, we will decide whether we should take the cases to the revising courts or not,” Almamy Taal told The Standard.

Taal said the UDP is with the conviction that the revising courts are part and parcel of the process and as a result, they want to make sure that the country’s electoral process commands the respect and integrity that it is known for.

Reacting to a question on President Barrow’s suggestion that there is a political party that does not trust themselves over the December election and will be the ones going to the revising courts, Taal said: “It is worrying that people across the political spectrum are throwing this kind of aspersions on the UDP”.

“The UDP is set up in a very organised way and acts and does things based on the law. We have heard from the IEC itself that more than 3000 people have had multiple registrations. These things should be queried.”

Taal added: “If following the law and due process is a problem for some politicians, we should be very clear about their intention as far as the way they wish to govern is concerned.

“Now everybody is aware that corruption is getting the official file of approval and people who have confessed to their own corrupt activities are today being given some kind of protection by the state. So really, governance for us means the rule of law and we should conduct ourselves based on the rules. We should make sure that all our electoral processes are delivered based on law,” he said.