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UK Speaker expresses admiration for Gambian NA

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The Speaker of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom has expressed admiration in the efforts of The Gambia’s National Assembly in improving democracy and holding government to account.
Rt Hon. John Bercow, who is also the Co-President of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK, hopes the National Assembly’s “energy and fervor” continues into the future as the country endeavors to install democracy.

Below is his short video address to the Gambian NAMs:
“Salam Alaikum
As Co-President of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK, and as we celebrate National democracy Week here in the UK, I would like to extend my warmest regards to the people of The Gambia and their representatives in the National Assembly. It was my pleasure to meet with a delegation led by Madam Speaker here in London earlier this year, and to hear of their determination to improve the democratic institutions of The Gambia for the benefit of all of the country’s citizens.

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For all of its difficulties, its challenges and its frustrations, democracy is a project, and a mission, of which the rewards are immeasurable, and they have proven to be so time and time and time again, all over the world. The National Assembly’s commitment to inclusion and accountability, to holding the government to account, and legislating for the benefit of their constituents has been admirable, and I hope that this new and open democratic dispensation extends with energy and with fervor into The Gambia’s prosperous future.
We are delighted that the National Assembly of The Gambia has rejoined the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. We offer our continuing support to our parliamentary colleagues both in The Gambia, and across the Commonwealth in their democratic endeavors. Wasalam.”

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