Union calls for price control, salary revision


By Mafugi Ceesay

The Secretary General of the Gambia National Trade Union Congress, Ebrima Garba Cham, has expressed deep concern about the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities and its negative impact on the lives of average Gambian families.

In a statement issued to mark workers day Mr Cham also urged government to consider establishing a price control system as a matter of urgency for the greater good of society.


He further urged government to upgrade salaries and invest in construction, public transport and car parks.

‘The Gambia is a developing country and needs both multilateral and individual foreign companies to invest in the country with a view to boost employment,” he noted.

On the condition of Gambian workers, Mr Cham said government should put strict mechanisms in place to protect the rights and dignity of Gambians in view of the flagrant disregard and open violations of the Labour Act by a number of local work industries. “Government is urged to create an inspectoral division within the Labour department to address and regularise the rampant anomalies that occur in the work industries,” he noted

Also speaking on unemployment, Mr Cham said it is recommended that government purchase trawlers with a view to introduce industrial fishing towards industrialising the sector to facilitate exportation of fish and to generate foreign exchange earnings.

Violent crimes

Mr Cham stressed that the upsurge of violent crimes in the country is becoming a very serious security concern. He blamed the rise on the influx of illegal migrants in the country without a proper control system. “In view of this anomaly, it is recommended that the police, immigration and other security apparatus are adequately empowered with equipment to properly monitor our porous borders”, he said.

Mr Cham concluded that the lack of transportation for magistrates posted at the regional court houses around the country is causing delays in sittings and therefore the judiciary should allocate them transport as a matter of urgency to facilitate their work and security.