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Updated quarantine and testing requirements for intending travellers to Gambia

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The Government of The Gambia wishes to draw the attention of the public to the latest COVID-19 protocols governing ‘Quarantine Procedures and Testing Guidelines’ for arriving passengers into the country.

The Ministry of Health in close collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), have now progressed to conduct Rapid Diagnostic Tests as passengers arrive at the Banjul International Airport (BIA).

Therefore, effective immediately, the following mechanisms are now in place:

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Travellers coming from hotspot countries (listed below) as identified by the Ministry of Health, will now undergo a ‘Rapid COVID-19 Test’ upon arrival at the airport in addition to having a valid COVID-19 PCR test result of 72hrs. Those travellers whose rapid test results turn negative will be allowed to go home with the advice to report to the sample collection site in case of any signs of COVID-19.

However, travellers who test positive on arrival at the B. I. A will be subjected to further mandatory PCR testing for confirmation of their latest COVID-19 statuses.

All other travellers from non-hotspot countries shall provide a valid negative PCR test within 72hrs. Such passengers will be allowed to go home and advised to observe a 14-day self-monitored quarantine with a condition to report for testing when experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

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The Ministry of Health has identified the following as hotspot countries:

1.    United Kingdom

2.    Belgium

3.    Italy

4.    USA

5.    Nigeria 

6.    France

7.    Japan

8.    Singapore

9.    Spain

10. South Africa

11. South Korea

12. Sweden

13. Jordan

14. Lebanon

15. The Netherlands

16. Turkey

17. Norway

18. India

19. Pakistan

20. Chile

21. Switzerland 

22. Denmark

The Gambia Government through the Ministry of Health, seeks the full compliance of the public to these new COVID-19 requirements.

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