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City of Banjul
Sunday, June 7, 2020


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David Kujabi

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Truth is universal, it is eternal You could keep it away a while But can’t have it forever hidden You are what you are Pretend to be anything else You may succeed but only a while For as sure as daylight After a dark night The true you shall be unveiled As we ponder on crossroads In my beautiful Gambia Long sealed truths are beginning to crack Revealing the true me, the true you The true her, the true him, the true them At a time of need for true democrats Gambia seems plagued with veiled patriots Tribal and political chauvinists Opportunists who welcome praise but frown at critics Self-proclaimed nationalists Who want for the goose And not for the gander They claim to be human rights defender But can’t stand prickling of a feather This nation we want to take further But rid we must first of this selfish And tribalism canker For true patriots we are in need Nationalism driven and not greed A better Gambia we must breed And on this course I urge all to heed


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