Veteran educationist Almeida dies


Ralphina Phillott-Almeida, a prominent Gambian academic-cum-writer and former lecturer at the University of The Gambia, has passed away yesterday.
Madam Almeida was also a pioneer of Women’s Bureau, former vice principal at Gambia College and served as deputy permanent secretary at the ministry of health for years.
Reacting to her death, Gambians took to social media to pour their condolences and recounted their fond memories of her.

Alagie Jinkang said: “The most intelligent and critical Gambian woman I had close interaction with. She was not only a complete and perfect academic but more importantly, mother Ralphina de Almeida was definitely in close connection with everything that really matters towards the empowerment of women. She consciously stood by her belief all her life. She consistently interrelated herself with life experiences of the poor and most vulnerable people, women and children. Her vocabulary was very humane and welcoming.”
Mary Gomez added: “I still can’t believe this. The memories we had is just like it all happened yesterday. May her soul rest in peace. Gambia has lost a fighter, a strong woman, an activist, an intellectual, a teacher and a mother.”

Talibeh Hydara said: “This is an irreparable loss to the country. She was one of the few who, despite her age, could have set this country on the right path with the new dispensation. I never had any teacher like Ralphina; she was there for me and toughened me up to withstand the ever-increasing challenges of this world. I would miss her a lot.”


Zainab Faal: “I found Almeida to be a woman of great intellect and her conviction in fighting for what is right is cherishable in all measures. She will be dearly missed.”

Madi Jobarteh: “She was indeed a very meticulous and no-nonsense woman who is dedicated to excellence and results. I’ve had my struggles with her as she treated me like a son. Indeed she was one who wants to bring out and sees the best in people and things. She was an embodiment of self-esteem and confidence and humility. She is indeed the quintessential woman of substance that should serve as the signpost for our young girls and women. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.”