Victims deny consenting to release of Junglers


Gambia Centre for Victims of Human Rights Violations has issued a statement on behalf of its members saying they did not agree with the decision to release two members of the Junglers killer squad as implied by the Gambia Armed Forces.

The statement released by the weekend, explained: “Prior to the press release by the Gambia Armed Forces on 17th March 2022 informing the public about the release of the two Junglers, the Victims Centre was invited to a meeting held on 16th March 2022 at the Gambia Armed Forces headquarters.

“[We were] informed that the Gambia Armed Forces in consultation with the ministries of defence and justice had decided to release on bail the army officers (Junglers) who had been held in custody since 2017.  The armed forces representatives argued that the continuous detention without trial of the two Junglers was against the law and their rights violated in the process, hence [he] emphasised the need to release them on bail pending the release of the government white paper due on or before 25th May 2022. 


“The Victim Centre delegation expressed disappointment at the timing of the release of the Junglers especially when the white paper is about to be released. The centre expressed concern that the timing of the release could also be interpreted as a strategy to free the Junglers, especially considering the long delay by the government in taking the Junglers to court.  

“The centre further raised fears as to whether the two Junglers and those who were released earlier on will not jump bail or fail to appear when they are needed for prosecution.

The chair of the meeting and the Armed Forces representatives gave the delegation all assurances that they would be monitored closely, and would be reporting on a weekly basis to the police to ensure their presence in the country. 

“The Victim Centre and other victim-led organisations, held a press conference on 19th March 2022 on the Sana Sabally issue, and to further clarify their position regarding the release of the Junglers by the army.