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Vox pop on post elections

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By Awa Gassama

Abdoullah Jaiteh

National spoken Poet

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The mayoral and chairmanship election was mainly peaceful even though there were few reports of friction.

Overall, I think it went well and the decision echoes the will of the Gambian people. On one hand, it sends a strong message to the president as the most populated regions of the country are the opposition’s stronghold.

On the other hand, the numbers highlight how polarised the country is along political lines.

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I expect that those elected would reflect and deliver on the promises in their manifestoes, put the interest of their country’s people first, and work towards unification so that growth comes to everyone regardless of political affiliation.

Alagie Manneh

A youth leader and SDG Advocate

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In my opinion, the election was smooth, fair, and free. I’m expecting development and progress for The Gambia and I am quite optimistic that the elected mayors/chairperson has the knowledge, skills, and ability to deliver.

Yes, I absolutely think there is already a new trend concerning the election outcomes and I also think there will be development moving forward.

Momodou Bittaye

Student of the University of The Gambia

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Conveniently, elections in The Gambia are relatively very peaceful and regarded as transparent and fair. I believe this election was not an exception to this. I am one person that believes that the chances of tempering with the results in spot counting are very latent/less likely. So, I believe it was free and fair.

I expect continual development from my respective mayors. The re-election of some of these candidates suggested that the trend will continue with regard to development.

Pa Furmus Correa

A student of MAJaC

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Election: I think the election was free and fair and Gambians expressed themselves through the votes as the ruling party will be feeling the need to step up the game after their poor performance in the urban areas. The election was generally conducted in a free atmosphere in a way that the media were able to conduct a just job in terms of coverage.

My expectations are nothing other than work and development from the elected candidates. Elections are gone so nothing but work together and do away with party interests and consider national interest first.

Jainaba M Jallow

Business Development Manager at AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics

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I think the elections were free and fair and I expect to see a huge change in the development of the regions these mayors/chairpersons serve

I think there will be a new trend in development as people are more aware now and more interested in seeing the change, they want in regards to development. If people made the right decision by choosing the right candidates there should as well be proper development in all those regions.

Binta Jammeh


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Generally, I think the election was free and fair. My expectation from them is to work hard and continue delivering on their campaign promises that is why we voted them into those offices.

Yes! I think the election has already taken a new trend, an example is this past election, to me mayoral/chairmanship elections have never been like this in this country, the hype, the willingness in the people, and also the ambiance, everything was just accordingly. I’m very sure that there will be great changes in their various administrative areas looking at the candidates that are elected are mostly in their youthful ages, some of them are going to those offices with a fresh brain, some have been there so is just a continuation for those candidates. Therefore, I foresee a big change in regard to the development of their councils.

Babucarr Jobe

Final Year student at the University of The Gambia

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Well, elections are meant to reflect on the opinions of the citizens about a particular government, whether they want to maintain it or change its mandate.

I expect this mayoral election to reflect the trust we have in Mayor Bensouda and probably lead to other municipalities/regions to entrust their leadership to others who might share the same vision of leadership, so I am expecting changes but I wouldn’t bank on it, as Gambians are always filled with surprises.

We yearn for changes in all sectors of our lives, in the area of education, agriculture, transportation, good roads, pipe-borne water, electricity, and affordability in basic necessities but, I would place emphasis on that. The mayors or chairmen elected can’t do it alone without the help of the government envisioning for the same outcomes.  

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