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I want to know my son’s fate – Chief Manneh’s dad

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By Ousman Marong

Eleven years since agents of former president Yahya Jammeh abducted journalist Ebrima Manneh, his dad Sarjo Manneh has renewed the call for justice to be served regarding his disappeared son.
Ebrima, fondly called ‘Chief’, was confirmed dead recently by authorities after his whereabouts were not traced.
Speaking to The Standard recently, Sarjo Manneh said now that the death of his son is categorically clear to all including the new administration, justice should be immediately served.

“We deserve some respect and want it now. There is no place in this country where I have not been to, searching for my son. My search took me up to Imam Fatty who told me I should excuse him, or else Jammeh may kill him because one of his preaching touched on Jammeh’s habit,” he said.

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He said the disappearance of his son has left him traumatised. “Of course, I expect to remain traumatised until I complete my mission; which is to ensure justice plays its own due course in my son’s case,” he lamented.
Manneh said though it is never bad to be compensated, but no amount of money could replace his son. “I can give you one example: if you are thirsty and there is water with D5 million at stake including my son as an option and I am asked to choose between the D5 million and my son, I would choose my son.

“The message for the new government is very simple: I am still counting on them because they asked me to wait and I am still waiting. I am appealing to the Barrow administration to make sure that justice is served for the victims without delay or favour,” he implored.
Manneh recalled how Halifa Sallah went to his rescue at the Vice President’s Office when he wanted to force his way in.

“Halifa told me to stop because the world is bigger than The Gambia and that I should be assured that justice will be served. He told me the matter has also reached international authorities,” he recalled.
“My son means a lot to me because he had sympathy for me and he was always caring and sharing with me,” he stressed.
Tearful Manneh said the former leader was heartless. “All I know about Jammeh is that he had no good soul.”

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