Bye Malleh Wadda

A retired Gambian multi- sports international has announced on his Facebook page that he wants to run for Mayor of Banjul in next year’s local government election. Sources said Mr Wadda is the latest among several others to have done so .
According to Malleh, as he is fondly called too, if elected he would work to transform the city in the smiling coast into a vibrant, entertaining and attractive modern city.
“I was born in Banjul and would want everyone who lives in Banjul or visits Banjul to be happy and proud of the city and what it offers. I want to establish Banjul as a well run city; We would computerize activities of the city and offer adequate services for residents and visitors.

Cultural and musical jamborees would be developed and expanded making people wanting to live and visit Banjul,” Wadda said in a long letter of intention.
As a businessman too, Wadda said he and his team will establish a Banjul business group to revitalize business in the city as well as develop a housing scheme for youths, especially women to own properties in the city “We will bring back dignity to the city and its administration and I have the dignity, knowledge, honesty, integrity, attitude, t contacts and fortitude to accomplish this vision,” he said.
Bye Malleh Wadda, a household name in The Gambia was a top class athlete, representing The Gambia in five different sports internationally. He was the first person to represent Gambia at the World University Games and the first Gambian to win a trophy at an International football tournament.
A founder and coordinator of the Father Gough Sports Foundation, Wadda has been involved in building and renovating sports facilities in Banjul and other parts of The Gambia, including Manneh Sillah basketball the Bye Malleh Wadda field at Saint Augustine’s High School and the Father Gough Sports Complex in Manjai Kunda among many other philanthropic ventures in the capital and beyond. He is married with five children. He is 57years of age.