We proved our critics wrong – Deputy KMC Mayor


Speaking at a meeting held in Jeshwang as part of the president’s dialogue with the people’s tour, Mr Jaiteh said the development registered by party cannot be rivaled by the previous government.

He said: “Before the APRC government assumed power in 1994, the country was teetering on the brink of socio-economic collapse with the infrastructure graded dull. We had a flawed democracy and a failing education system given the few ill-equipped schools. All these changed with the advent of the July 22nd revolution. Though people were still skeptical of any meaningful change in their lives, it later emerged that sound development indicators were in fact taking shape. There were critics who claimed that the country was too small to have a university but these claims were rubbished with the establishment of the University of The Gambia. The progress made in the past two decades differs greatly with the performance of the previous government. The founding of the University of The Gambia is a big achievement for this government as it has become the microcosm of the country’s education system. Other major areas of development also revealed a great deal of progress. These all make government’s national development commitments even more emphatic. It is important to rally behind President Jammeh for future growth and development.”



By Lamin Njie