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We Will Never Allow Gambia To Return To Dark Days – Darboe

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By Omar Bah

Former vice president, Ousainu Darboe, the leader of the United Democratic Party has told his supporters in USA that he will fight and oppose any attempt to subvert the country’s hard-fought democracy.
“There will be no return to the dark and ugly days that are still fresh in the minds of all conscious citizens,” Darboe told hundreds of supporters at a UDP congress in Seattle.
A vividly emotional UDP secretary general said despite the fact that he and his men are no more in cabinet, they will be working diligently to strengthen democracy, the rule of law and pursue public policies that serve the greater good.

He said the TRRC’s #never again vision should not be limited to torture or murder. “What causes torture and murder is abdicating the rule of law by denying the enjoyment of law by the people and trampling on the rights of individuals. This is what led to the creation of dictators and this is what we must resist in The Gambia and until we do so, we will not get The Gambia that we want,” he said.

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Darboe said the Gambia that the people fought for is a country free from corruption, where the rule of law reigns supreme and not where decisions are done on the whims and caprices of individuals or where nepotism, inefficiency and incompetence reign.
“This is what has led to what took place in Jammeh’s time,” he added.
“I want to implore on all Gambians to remain vigilant and fully engage in this democracy they have helped to bring about, not as a favor to a party or an individual but as a duty to one’s self and the country that we love,” he asserted.
He said he would remain committed to the comprehensive fulfillment of the Coalition reform agenda and the NDP.

“In the parliament our caucus will work with their colleagues in the diligent pursuit of what is the best interest of the country and the citizens they serve and the same applies to our various elected officials. This is how we will continue to grow our party. My colleagues and I who are no longer serving in government will focus exclusively on supporting our elected leaders to achieve and fulfill their commitment to the country in the positions of responsibility they serve,” he added.

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