Welcoming the Minister for Women’s Affairs


President Adama Barrow has appointed Mrs Fatou Sanyang-Kinteh as the minister for Women’s Affairs, Children and Social Welfare. This is timely.

Mrs Kinteh brings to the table a lot of experience in the advocacy for women’s and children’s rights. She is said to have worked with the United Nations and is a veteran of the Women’s Bureau in The Gambia.

The need had long been felt for there to be a dedicated ministry of women’s affairs and that of children. This will go a long way in protecting their rights and serving them well in the development process of the country.


Until recently, the ministry of Women’s Affairs was under the Office of the Vice President. It was seen by many that that arrangement undermined the effectiveness of the ministry.

Now that it has been separated, it is hoped that the needs of the women and those of children of the country would be given the attention it deserves.

The fact that Mrs Kinteh is a veteran of the Women’s Bureau will be an added advantage to her, and the women and children of the country.

Welcome Mrs Kinteh!