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What is good for the goose is good for the gander!

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By Abdoulie Bojang

At least for a moment, Let’s all put politics aside and see the truth for what it is, as decent human beings.

Unsavory language is simply not sumptuous to any ear irrespective of class, position, religion, gender, race, whatsoever. There is something about fitrah-natural disposition by virtue of Allah’s amazing creation – it simply can deferentiate good and bad. Unfortunately, most of us are chronic conscientious objectors.

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 What is good for the goose is good for the gander- What is bad for a leader is bad for a follower ; for the ear desires sumptuous language, and the eye longs for that which is beautiful. Insults, abusive utterances are just bad irrespective of who said it and to who.

When you insult Lawyer Darboe is as bad as insulting President Barrow. But, again, when you insult a lunatic it is as bad as insulting a sane person. Pain is just pain, it just hurts all of us. So is the use of abusive or degrading remarks against the person of anyone.

Truth be told, if insulting one Gambian is normal and celebrated then the insulting of another Gambian must not be seen otherwise. I must hasten to say that I hate insults and I condenm anyone who insults but what I hate most is:what is good for the goose is bad for the gander syndrome. That is just inordinate hypocrisy and injustice.

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As Gambians, as worshippers and leaders, some of us have gone so base that we accept, idolize, idealize and celebrate lies and hypocrisy in the name of position and politics.

From all indications, Mr president Barrow is the almighty of Gambia as per position, previlege and responsibility not by right and wrong, good or evil- we all are accountable whatsoever. Gambians had expected that you-president Barrow would have used your position, previlege and responsibility to condemn unsavory language used against any ex, shadow and present leader whatsoever and enjoined us as followers to emulate and live up to the high moral standards set by you. Gambians and the entire wide world have seen the hike in unsavory language within and amongst political and religious (Muslim) leaders especially.

What is abusive and/or unsavory and what is deceitful and misleading is just one and the same, beacuse they all hurt big time. However, the most heinous of crimes and sin is lies and falsehood. For lies is the mother of evil and the very fuel and engine of Satan!

If I were to condemn only one out of the two- the abusive person and the liar. Rest assured; I will condemn the liar and let go of the vulgar. Anyone who says politics is all about lies, deceit and personal interest and therefore one can say anything is himself a liar as politics is no lesser than the second purpose of creation(service to humanity). In fact, there is no politics if and when it is not a requirement by which humanity is served and protected.

Lies during political campaign are normal and legalized. When have lies, deceit and and use of unsavory language became wrong and illegal in the GAMBIA?. Oh! I guess it was just after eight months going forward. I am ashamed that some people in my society, country have seasonalized the illegality and immorality of lies, deceit and unsavory language. I am pretty much ashamed and concerned about how soon and deep some of us have become so base that we cannot just see the big line that sieves lies from the truth . What is good for the goose is good for the gander!

As politicians, leaders, we can lie and deceive our people into believing in us, investing in us, dying for us and voting for us just to turnaround and betray them and swallow our own words by lying again and again under the disguise of legality, power, lack of resources and/ or oh! it was just because it was “lies’ season”- political campaign periods and would even do the unimaginable of jujuing and exhuming dead bodies just to get power and position to render disisservice to our very own- vulnerable and desperate old mamas and papas, women, men, youth and children. That is normal but the poor citizen calling something for what it is or nearer to is vulgar, criminal and partisan and warrants pressing charges whatsoever.

As Gambians, we would have loved that such decision and ferocity from government and her agencies, against unsavory language used by citizens against citizens and/or leaders was and is seen earlier and in all cases irrespective of political, religious, whatsoever affiliations. Remember, what is bad for the goose is bad for the gander too.

It seems law, morality, good, respect, justice, equality and/or equity is for the chosen few and the rest can rot in injustice and squalor and isolation even from the national cake, the baker of which is the president of all-APRC, UDP, GDC, etc.

Evidently, it is legal, moral and normal for monies to get lost in government institutions and no one would be arrested, charged, prosecuted and sentenced. Drugs can be confiscated but the suspected peddlers arrested and charged can get lost and that is normal. Kids can die due to failed and weak policy and institutions and that is normal; and worth no arrests or suspension and that is normal. Women can die in labour for whatever reasons and that is normal. The whole country can lack basic drugs and food quality and safety tests labs and that is normal. The whole country can have only one major Intensive care Capable hospital and that is normal. Presidents can lie and betray trust; and that is normal. Certain people and religious leaders can insult and castigate one another and that is normal. Corruption of the highest order and squandering of public finance and resources is normal and cool. White collar job thieves and economic mecenaries are celebrated in land where a kid dies beacuse the parents can’t just afford and ambulance, that is normal. Politicians can juju even dead bodies and ridicule them and that too is normal

What is immoral, illegal and abnormal is opposition, good standard of living, truth, peace, security, health, education, justice and being God fearing and patriotic .

Now to you President Adama Barrow, I pray for you and all the world leaderships. Certainly, what I am seeing is not what I and many others ask Allah SWT. Improve or resign graciously. I pray for your success not because I support your party. But because we are taught, trained and ordained to pray for our leaders. And, that our differences are lesser than our similarities and/or commonalities and the success of the country is not for one. It seems your are not the captain competent enough to sail us through this tempest. Please look inwardly and instrospect . Remember and don’t forget death. For he too is coming and shall never miss. May Allah SWT grant us understanding and ease.

What is good for the goose is certainly good for the gander too!

Mistakes are entirely mine and I hasten to apologize in case there are!

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