What is in a name?


The naming of the newly-inaugurated bridge in Farafenni as the Senegambia Bridge has generated a lot of debate in The Gambia – at least on the social media. Many people are of the view that as the bridge is entirely within Gambian territory, it should be named Trans-Gambia Bridge and not SeneGambia Bridge.

There is another faction of people who are adamant that the name SeneGambia Bridge is indeed apt as it goes to promote African integration. The African continent has come to realise that the best way to forge ahead in its development is through integration.

The sub-regional bloc, Ecowas, has been propagating the concept of an Ecowas of people rather than that of just the states. It is important that the people of the sub-region have free movement within the sub-region to foster this concept and promote cooperation.


Thus, the bridge being named Senegambia Bridge is in line with this concept of integration.

The truth is that, it is colonialism that divided the people of the Senegambia region who were one people.

It is high time Africans started thinking of ways to bring their people together rather than being inflexible about the artificial borders imposed on us by the colonialists. This will promote trade and other economic activities which can go a long way in improving the lives of the people.

Therefore, instead of concentrating on arguing about the name, it would be better to see what can be done to improve the lives of the people and how the concept of integration can be realised as soon as possible.