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Whither Africa in the wake of the Ukraine crisis?

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By Madi Jobarteh

So much reference to 1962 Cuban missile crisis or the Monroe Doctrine or an agreement not to expand Nato. None of that is a There’s justification for Russia to attack and indiscriminately destroy Ukraine.

Rather, Africans should tell Putin to unleash his wrath directly on US and Nato members… if he truly wants to stop Nato! Infact Putin did not mention Nato as his first reason for the occupation. Rather he said Ukraine does not exist as a nation, but a part of Russia since creation! Didn’t we hear that?

To attack Ukraine is to bully a weaker nation on behalf of one’s real nemesis! After all, Nato has not placed any missiles on Ukrainian soil like the Soviet Union did in Cuba in 1962, and the US did in Italy in response!

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Therefore the very idea of ‘Monroe Doctrine’ or ‘spheres of influence’ should be condemned and dismantled. No nation should perceive its national security by how much it can threaten, dominate, and occupy another nation. National security should not be secured on the insecurity of another nation.

Which means that Africa’s time is now to rise up to expose and dismantle the illogical, barbaric and hegemonic policies and agendas regardless from whom. As the greatest victim of imperialism, neocolonialism and the erratic international system, Africa should rise up in unity and seek the dismantling of faulty narratives that seek to justify the idea and practice of the survival of the fittest.

Just as the US was and continues to be wrong in the ideas underpinning their foreign policies such as Monroe Doctrine, American Exceptionalism and spheres of influence, so also is Russia or China and any other nation is wrong in pursuing similar policies and agendas.

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The greatest victim of these policies and agendas shall continue to be Africa as we can see how US, EU, Russia and China are currently the greatest players in Africa, controlling our lives, governments and resources through their companies, military power and control of global institutions!

Africa must unite to present a fair, just and constructive alternative to the current decadent international system. The more we fail to do so, the more Africa will be sucked into the spheres of influence of the current powers as it was during the Cold War and as manifested as late as last week in the UN General Assembly vote on Russia!

The current international system disempowers and weakens Africa by placing it at the mercy of US, UK, EU, Russia and China … with many more powers coming for the onslaught such as Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and India among others.

Therefore it is already disappointing that as the events in Ukraine unfold, neither the AU nor any of its regional blocs found it necessary to convene emergency meetings to discuss the ramifications for the continent!

What if this event deteriorates into a more widespread war with the use of nuclear weapons? Will Africa be required to enter that war as our ancestors were forced into the so-called World Wars 1 and 2? How will Africans shelter from bombs and nuclear substances if they are released directly or indirectly on Africa? Do we have bomb bunkers in any African city? How will Africa defend itself?

It is obvious that there will be an economic fallout of this conflict. How then will the AU and African governments confront this reality in order to ease the pain on the people?

These and many questions are what should exercise the minds of Africans than seeking to buy into the various narratives of contending forces!

Africa has no gain in supporting or opposing any of the contending sides. Rather we must defend democracy, justice and freedom and condemn the international system and its exploitative and oppressive ideology which is perpetuating domination and insecurity.

Africa must demand fair trade and sustainable development. We should demand the creation of a global system that upholds justice and peace.

To condemn and advocate for no weapons on earth. To demand the destruction of all nuclear weapons. To demand an end to authoritarianism in all its forms. To demand an end to occupation in all places, be it the Israeli occupation of Palestine or the UK/US occupation of the Chagos Islands of Mauritius and the current occupation of Ukraine by Russia.

Rise, Africa Rise!

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