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Who cares?

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Dear Editor,

I don’t know why some UDP supporters are interested in the plight of Ahmad Gitteh and his treatment by the NPP? Who cares? Only a self-interest cow would be interested in the political campaign of President Barrow to win political power in The Gambia again.

President Barrow simply cannot continue to be the president of The Gambia.

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He doesn’t have the capacity and the awareness to be the president. And he’s leading The Gambia to nowhere! I can understand that the UDP is equally hopeless and that might push others towards the President Barrow political camp.

What does Ahmad Gitteh understands about democratic politics and economics?

The UDP should not be measuring itself to the substandard politics and politicians in The Gambia. The UDP is the twinkle in the eye of Gambian politics and the beacon of hope for change and national development.

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But the problem is that there’s no discernible difference between the public faces of the UDP and the NPP in politics. The two political parties both speak the same hollow language on the political and economic development reforms of The Gambia.

And until the UDP comes up with a better political and economic development policy agenda for government, change and national development, Gambian politics will continue to be dysfunctional and substandard.

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang


Sonko is a class act politician and academic

Dear Editor,

It’s very telling how some Gambian politicians, academics and political journalists couldn’t differentiate between the brilliant Sonko political agenda for change and national development from the nonsense Macky Sall politics.

Only an idiot in politics would compare the amazing Sonko politics for change and national development to the nonsense Macky politics of corruption, incompetence and abuse.

There’s no difference between the nonsense Macky politics and the nonsense president Barrow politics in The Gambia. What they called national development is the mortgaging away of the national economy in very badly neglected contracts and the tab to be picked up by the ordinary Senegambian people in higher taxation and inflation.

But what does a poorly educated person understands about democratic politics, finance and economics? If you don’t understand democratic politics, finance and economics, keep quiet and stop spewing out nonsense third grade politicians, badly educated academics and political journalists!

The world is for changing including the African countries!

Annabilaye Bojang


My advice to UDP supporters

Dear Editor,

My fellow UDP members, followers and sympathisers, I want to offer a bit of unsolicited advice and crave your indulgence. Our prospects in the upcoming local government elections are very good and the reasons are many but here are a few:

1 We are fielding the best candidates.

2 We are offering voters the best agenda that they can evaluate and believe in.

3 Our candidates are running on the best record ever achieved in local government.

The best any of us affiliated with UDP can do is to focus as sharp as a laser beam on the reasons why voters should choose our candidates based on their record of accomplishments, agenda for the future and the honesty and integrity they bring to public service. Most voters want to evaluate and vote for candidates based on the merits of their proposals and the confidence they have in the character and capacity of the person to deliver.

We have good products in the calibre of candidates we are presenting and an excellent agenda for voters to consider. What remains is how we persuade voters and that requires engagement through positive messaging and dialogue. No arguments. No insults. No paying attention to what opponents are saying about UDP or any of their candidates. The vast majority of voters get totally turned off by incessant arguments, insults, innuendos and no matter who starts it, once it becomes one side responding to the other, both sides get the contempt of those reasonable people who don’t want to hear or see any of it. Please ignore every attempt by opponents to provoke or goad you into arguments or insults. Bulu killing buka kossi.

Karamba Touray


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