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Who is Sir X?


What is your song all about? The title of the song is labelled ‘Jammeh’. We are all aware that after the elections he congratulated the President-Elect Adama Barrow and a week later he went back to his words that he is not ready to step down. I find myself as an artist that I have the responsibility to speak on behalf of the community and youth in the Gambia. So I released the song for him to know that the youth out in the community really demand him to step down. Tell me about the lyrics? The lyrics is divided in to different segments; the beginning of the lyrics is about the greetings, I greet him that as a leader we should respect you. At the end the lyrics is like what the feeling is on the streets. How we as the youths and community are feeling right now in the situation. Why do you think the song is important at the moment? The song is very important in the current situation because the song is talking to our leader in this particular moment. It is talking about like Gambia has already decided and for him to step down. And what is going in the mind of every Gambian right now is for him to step down peacefully in order to continue the peace and stability that we have in the Gambia. You think he will step down? Yes he will step down, he must step down because this is the end of his time for 22 years he has been a leader. We have enjoyed some good time and worst time with him. We really want change and that’s what happened. Gambians have cried for change but Alhamdulillah. We have never used another term to take him out. He took the country peacefully; we voted him out peacefully. I think he should take it for God’s sake to hand over power to president-elect Adama Barrow. Most definitely Adama Barrow is our president. What is next for Gambia? Next for Gambia, I feel like that for the coalition to have the understanding that we did not vote for any of them, we voted for change and the outgoing president to hand over power to president-elect Adama Barrow and the best thing for Gambia is to unite and no revenge. We should take an example of South Africa when Nelson Mandela took over; he called for unification, togetherness. Another point I will make is that let’s forget about the past. If we want to take any form of revenge it will take us backward; unite all Gambian towards the development of our country. Finally, lets wipe out tribalism in the Gambia.]]>

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