Widow of police detainee denies claims that her husband had confessed

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By Amadou Jadama

Yassin Badjie, the widow of Fakebba Colley who collapsed in Sukuta police cell and later confirmed dead last week, has denied any suggestion that her husband had confessed to taking goods from a store that was reportedly robbed. The late Colley had gone to the police to report a robbery case but he ended up being detained himself.

“The man was put in a cell after he admitted that he himself had taken materials from the store which he came to report to have been robbed. Following his own admission, the police naturally decided to hold him for further investigation,” Police PRO Spt Lamin Njie had told The Standard last week.


But speaking to The Standard yesterday in reaction to the comments made by the police, the widow Madam Badjie, said she is disappointed about the claims made by the police.

“I want to make it very clear that I was there at the police station when my husband was taken in and at no time did he confess to taking things from the store. If Fakebba had admitted that he himself had taken materials from the store, why did the police ask him to escort them to where he took the materials?” 

She added that it does not make sense at all for her husband to report a case to the police and then tell them that he himself had stolen from the same store.