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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Will Fortune take all in Brikama?

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Brikama’s Nawettan programme comes to a close this evening with the league final between the two dominant teams of the season, Fortune FC and Yarambama from Farato and Yundum respectively. Fortune who beat Yarambamba to take the knock-out title a short while ago has vowed to repeat similar feat when the two meet again this evening. 

In this final too the odds favour Fortune FC if you believe in the old adage, once beaten twice shy. The point is, Yarambamba don’t believe in that and have vowed to avenge that loss with victory today.

Both teams made a dream come true by beating off all Brikama teams to the season’s trophies which must now  all go to either  Fortune or shared between the two after tonight’s league final.


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