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I will tell you why I laugh

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By Baba Galleh Jallow

Having told you why I cry
I will tell you why I laugh
Why my heart is full of joy
Why I smile and laugh aloud
Even when the devil bares his bloody fangs
Even when he casts his ugly shadow
Threatens to make it stay forever
On the horizon of my hopeful dreams


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I will tell you why I laugh
Why twinkling stars sparkle in my eyes
Why merriment dances on my face
Even when the odds look so great
That reason suggests to quit and run
Even when the burdens weigh so heavy
That reason says to drop all cares


I will tell you why I laugh
Why my heart bubbles with pristine joy
Why even in sleep I keep my smile
Why even when fools with beads and gilded swords
When evil clad in mighty pious robes
Threatens to keep me forever chained
In the dark dungeons of his hellish greed


I will tell you why I laugh
Why day and night my soul rejoices
Why contentment sleeps and wakes with me
Why offense turns to merry mirth
Even when the mental fart of the racist mind
Causes fish and lizards collide
Causes elephants to dash for cover
And massive mountains turn to dust


I will tell you why I laugh
Because I have a friend so full of peace
Because I have a friend who’s always there
Because I have a friend, a soothing spirit
That shelters me from harmful climes
That makes me feel so full of life
That devils, fools, and racists all
I calmly watch with amused mind
And laugh aloud with happy verse!



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