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Woman seeks support for overseas treatment

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By Juldeh Njie

A woman is seeking assistance for overseas treatment after sustaining burns on the face and her torso.
A medical report from the EFSTH indicated Pullo Jallow, 31, suffered seizure whilst cooking.
Pullo, an epileptic patient, fell into the cooking pot containing hot oil.
The report said Pullo is now “in painful distress,” although “airway and breathing were normal,” it added.
It said the patient has an “episode of tonic-clonic seizure on presentation.
“The burn is 13% deep partial thickness burns involving the face, anterior chest and left shoulder.”
It also said the patient has been admitted since November of last year.
“She is not able to see anything. The wound became infected with eschar on the scalp with fever. The eschar is still there with slough on the wound.”
Government, philanthropists or any individual who wishes to assist Pullo can reach her on :7122284

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