World interested more about Jammeh than Barrow – research


Infoprations analysis of the former President Yahya Jammeh and the current President Adama Barrow has revealed that the former President is getting world’s attention after two years of relinquishing power than the incumbent.

In a keenly contested election held in 2016, Mr. Barrow, who has never held public office, won by 263,515 votes, while former President had 212,099 votes, according to the country’s electoral body.
One of the key agenda of the President Barrow is to revive the country’s economy and end illegal migration to Europe. As President Barrow rebuilds and reconstructs the country, Infoprations expects significant interest in him from Gambians and the people of other countries than the former President.

However, analysis indicates that former President Yahya Jammeh remains popular. He had highest search volume in 2017 and 2018. In both years, maximum search threshold for former President Yahya Jammeh was 100% while the current President Adama Barrow had 25%. Analysis further reveals that the two prominent politicians’ popularity were connected by 98.6% in 2017 but reduced to 20.8% as at July 17th, 2018.
Nationals of 75 countries who searched the two Gambians had significant interest in them from January 2018 till the time of writing the findings of the analysis. The highest search interest came from India, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Italy and France.


Analysis equally shows that Adama Barrows son, ECOWAS and Gambia politics were the most related queries to President Adama Barrow search in 2017. It would be recalled that President Barrow’s 8 year old son died after being bitten by a dog while the President was in Senegal, where he was sworn-in as the third The Gambia’s President. In the same year, people’s interest in the former President Jammeh was premised on his location after Economic Community of West African States’ military intervention. “Where is Yahya Jammeh, Jammeh in Equatorial Guinea and where is Jammeh now were the top related searches.
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