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Wrestling Association suspends MnB Promotions


They must also write an apology to the wrestling authorities, club managers and the public.

The GWA also warned that should the group fail to comply with these directives, they risk losing their licences. 

MnB were accused of staging a combat on June 21 that could not go ahead because one of the main wrestlers Ernest Jatta had not had his managers agreement and signature in the contract for the fight.  The GWA alleged that this was made clear to the promoters who were advised through numerous correspondences not to advertise the bout until it is properly signed by all parties.

They asserted that the promoters instead bypassed them and took the matter to the National Sports Council who advised all parties and the association to put away their differences and work together.

However according to GWA, MnB went ahead to stage the combat but Ernest Jatta was stopped from entering the stadium in accordance with the rules which state his contract must have the blessing of his club manager. The Standard yesterday contacted MnB promotions but none of the officials there could comment on the matter.


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