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Your role as gov’t information officers is not small

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By Lamin B. Darboe
Information Officer, MoBSE

The Minister of Information has revealed to Government information officers that their role is not small, adding that it is huge both individually and collectively.

Minister Ebrima Sillah made these remarks on Monday as he presided over the opening ceremony of a five-day training workshop for Government Information Officers.

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Organized by the Department of Information Services in collaboration with ESTRA Consulting Firm and Supplies currently underway at Fangdema Hall in Manjai Kunda.

The objective of the training is for information officers to write effective informative reports, develop proper communication skills both verbal and written, understand how to differentiate between personal information, special personal information and other types of information among others.

He assured them that his ministry will continue to support in any way they can so as to ensure that information officers are able to do their work effectively in their various institutions.

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“Your appointment was not by accident, it came following series of engagements from 2017 to 2019 when finally, Government took it upon itself to create budget line for you in all the ministries, departments and agencies,” said Minister Sillah.

He explained that Government is embarking on lots of development activities which the public need to know in terms of their real impact on people.

“As information officers, it is your responsibility for public to know about those activities and it is your role and responsibility also to save the agenda of Government on critical issues that are of great importance to the people of this country.”

He advised them to disseminate the good work their ministries, departments and agencies are doing that will be the only way public will know what is happening within the Government machineries.

He assured of his ministry’s continuous support to the Department of Information Services to ensure that information officers are capacitized and be given necessary equipment in order to carry out their duties effectively.

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