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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Youth protesters storm National Assembly

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— demand immediate resignation of NAMs By Aminata Ceesay & Samsideen Ceesay Scores of young people trooped to the National Assembly Building yesterday protesting with banners calling on the Members to resign following the end to political impasse that gripped the country. The protesters denounced the MPS for declaring a state of emergency during the political impasse and accused them of not representing the interest of the Gambian people. One of the groups behind the protest is Baboucarr Kebbeh of GAHA said: “We are here today to register our disappointment about the unlawful action taking by the National Assembly Members during the political impasse, a moment when all Gambians should rely on the NAMs to ask the former President to step down. Disappointingly, we found out that they were supporting the former president and proclaiming a state of emergency which has no base. Imagine, if that would have continued most of our family members will remain in Senegal as refugees. That is our anger today. They must resign”. Andrew Gibba, another leader of the protesters described the protest as peaceful, saying that the motive was to show the NAMs that they have failed in their responsibilities to the Gambian people and should therefore resign from office. He alleged that for over two decades the NAMs have hardly stood for the youths. “We believe that now is the time for us as Gambians, and the young people and activists to stand up and fight for democracy and the supremacy of the law, and one of the way we can do that is for us to come out and let our feelings known.” Modou Lamin Bah, the Secretary General of the group, Hopes of Tomorrow, said they are also demanding a public apology from the NAMS.]]>

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