Youths raise funds to fence school against intrusion


By Olimatou Coker

Following a periodic invasion of the Mandinaring Lower Basic School for nefarious activities, the youths under the stewardship of the Village Development Committee, have set up a task force to rehabilitate the school fence which has been collapsed for years.

Due to its proximity to the town as a shortcut coupled with its dilapidated fence, the school was proned to these activities as well as the disturbances of pedestrians hampering effective learning.


This prompted the village youths to roll out a fundraising initiative with support from their relatives in the diaspora which saw them make huge contributions leading to the commencement of the project to fully erect the fence.

VDC chairman, Jammeh Ceesay, said as a result of the pressing needs of the children and education in general, the villagers felt the need to come together and contribute to support the future of their children, which is why they did not sit to wait for government’s intervention.

He expressed delight in the unity manifested by the youths coming together to support the implementation of the school fence project, which he added is meant to provide security and ensure smooth learning and teaching.

He explained that following the collapse of the school fence, teaching and learning was seriously disturbed as people intrude into the school from all angles while youths will also gather to do illegal activities.

Ba Seedy Suwaneh, a member of the diaspora committee, expressed optimism about the progress of the work, noting that the diaspora committee is assured that the funds are well utilized.

Sawaneh encouraged his fellow diasporans to continue their support to the village, particularly in the area of education.

Lamin Ward Councilor, Mbemba Touray, stated that communal development works require collective efforts and responsibility, adding that “this is the school where we all started and its rehabilitation to standard is of great importance to us.”

Mr. Jammeh, the headmaster of Mandinaring Lower Basic School, indicated that the lack of proper fence has seriously affected education activities at the school and aside from pedestrian and intrusion by bandits, it’s been two years now the school’s garden has not been effective to boost the school feeding programme.

“A lot of unlawful activities do happen here both day and night, even our staff are not comfortable at the quarters because of people and bandit intrusion. So the fence will help provide security,” he added.