Zero tax on rice importation


The government of the Gambia made a very good and bold move when it cut the taxes on the importation of rice and other basic commodities in the 2018 budget. This was passed in the National Assembly and was supposed to take effect in January.

However, we are now in March of 2018 and the cost of rice in the market in this country is still the same. One would have expected that after the tax cut the cost of imported rice will reduce drastically.

For the reduction of the cost of living in the country, the cost of rice and other basic commodities should reduce. This is what will make the masses realize how good or otherwise the government is. The truth is that, the ordinary people do not care about human rights, rule of law or freedom of expression unless it becomes easier to put food on their tables.


It is important for the citizens to realize that patriotism dictates looking at the bigger picture and doing what is right. If government has reduced – no, removed – the taxes, businessmen/women should have the honesty and love of country which will make them sell rice and other basic commodities at a more affordable cost.

We expect that in the next month or so, we will see a massive reduction in the cost of rice and other basic necessities in the country. We all need to be part of the solution to the problems of the country. Gambian businessmen and women need to show love for country.