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16 soldiers promoted to 2nd Lieutenant


By Amadou Jadama

The Gambia Armed Forces on Friday commissioned sixteen junior officers to Second Lieutenant at a ceremony held at Defence headquarters in Banjul.

The decoration of the newly commissioned officers was presided over by Deputy Chief of Defence Staff Major General Mamat Cham. The newly promoted officers took the oaths of secrecy and allegiance to the Commander-in-Chief of the Gambia Armed Forces, the State and the people of The Gambia.

Addressing the promoted officers, DCDS Mamat Cham said in the military, promotion is the most motivating factor that rejuvenates the highest sense of satisfaction, enthusiasm and responsibility.

He added that The Gambia Armed Forces states clearly, in advance, the criteria for granting promotions.

“Your decoration today does not only conform to the GAF’s policy on promotions but also reflects the reform agenda. This means you have fulfilled the requirements prescribed to be granted commission and promoted to the rank of second lieutenant in the Armed Forces of the Republic of The Gambia “he noted.

The high command, and, by extension, the political leadership attaches great important to training and capacity building of the members of the GAF, especially the officer corps. Gone are the days when the prescribed criteria for promotion in the Armed Forces was never considered. Promotion now will be purely based on the merit, therefore, your course reports will determine the next step in your career”.

DCDS Cham advised the officers of the GAF to endeavour to read books because they are there to guide them to achieve a professional career in the military, adding that in the military, there is no room for mistake much more as an officer.

He further challenged them to continue working hard with a sense of commitment, dedication, loyalty and patriotism.  

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