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2 Liberians get 8yrs for forging US dollar bills

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By Amadou Jadama

Principal Magistrate Muhammed Krubally on Thursday sentenced Jonathan Papefloma and Wilfred Sayee to eight years imprisonment for purchasing fake bank notes and obtaining money by false pretense.

The court however gave them an option of a fine of D150,000 each in default to serve two years in prison.

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They were also ordered to pay a fine of D50,000 each on the second count, in default to serve one year in prison.

The presiding magistrate further ordered them to pay a compensation to Momodou Bobo Barry in the sum of D319,000 each in default to serve five years in prison.

According to Superintendent Amadou Keita, the duo on 9 September last 2023 were found with 10,000 USD bank notes in Banjul and diverse places while on the second count they were accused of obtaining an amount of D638, 000 from one Momodou Bobo Barry on the pretext that they would exchange it into US dollars but instead handed forged ones.

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Pleading with the court, the first convict Jonathan Papefloma said he regretted his action and begged for mercy, saying he has eight children in Liberia and a wife, and has not been in to contact with his family since his arrest.

The second convict Wilfred Sayee, begged the court for mercy saying he is suffering from ulcer and liver problem and regretted his actions.

In handing down the sentence, the presiding magistrate said:

“The truth is that I have indeed considered their roles, planning and tricks played on the victim Momodou Bobo Barry which has caused him a substantial economic hardship having huge economic ramifications on him in many respects. Their level of planning was such that it will be difficult and impossible to allow the two accused to go scot-free which would send a wrong signal to the society that the judiciary is highly unfair.

“Another factor I have considered and thinking of endlessly is that should the 9100 USD successfully penetrate the fragile Gambian economy, it will again have huge and negative economic ramifications for The Gambia and its people. So, courts should discourage those who rally behind dubious economic activities to ruin the economy of a country and I shall discourage such.”

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