‘2 ministers yet to declare assets’


The director of press and publication at the Office of the President has revealed that so far all the ministers except two have declared their assets.However, she has not disclosed the identities of the two defaulting ministers.

However, she has not disclosed the identities of the two defaulting ministers.

Amie Bojang-Sissoho was speaking yesterday at the fifth media briefing held at the presidency in Fajara.
On the mass voluntary repatriation of Gambians from war-torn Libya, the director of press said the government has already begun practical steps to reintegrate the returnees.


“The government is using the EU grant to support the resettlement of these returnees as well as build skills centres that will provide them with skills and job creation in, for example, agriculture,” she said.

On the much-talked about issue of licence for mineral exploration, Mrs Bojang-Sissoho said the government has not issued licence to any company or individual to explore petroleum in The Gambia.

“The new administration has not issued any licence for petroleum exploration or production. The existing licensees are FAR and Erin for blocks A2 and A5; the remaining offshore blocks: A1, A3, A4 and A6 are open for licensing. None has been provided by this government,” the director of press told journalists.

The issue of licence has become a hot topic in The Gambia especially after rumours emerged that the former government had secretly issued licence to mining companies to prospect the country’s mineral resources.

Mrs Bojang-Sissoho added that the president has been actively consulting different technocrats and professionals meant to facilitate the implementation of his development agenda.

She also said the president welcomes the debt cancellation amounting to over thirteen million dollars by the Chinese while revealing that Barrow will head to Saudi Arabia to perform pilgrimage.