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‘2005 migrant massacre makes us feel determined’

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Baba galleh jallow

By Omar Bah

The executive secretary of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, has said that the revelations of Martin Kyere, a survivor of the 2005 massacre and Adama Conteh, a widow of a victim on the killings of 54 African migrants in 2005, will boost the morale of the TRRC.
Baba Galleh Jallow said the stories will make the commission more determined to undertake the challenges they will face during the process of the truth commission.
“I am living this hall more determined to undertake the challenges we will face during the TRRC process,” he told The Standard at the sidelines of a press conference organized by Trial International and Human Rights Watch at Tango.
Activists from Human Rights Watch and Trial International are currently in the country to intensify their efforts in bringing former president Jammeh to justice.

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“We have always been determined. We have always known this, but hearing from Martin Kyere and Adama Conteh makes me resolved to not only just seek justice for the victims, but to also help the families of people like Adama Conteh as part of the reparations program of the TRRC.”
On The Gambia’s plan to join the African court of justice, Mr Jallow said: “Nothing is preventing victims from seeking justice elsewhere. Victims can seek justice either in the local courts or the ECOWAS courts.”
The TRRC process, he added, is going to be methodical, “we are going to do research, investigate and invite victims to reveal their stories before the commission before we will make our recommendations for prosecutions if need be.”

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