28 children die of Acute Kidney Injury


The Epidemiology and Disease Control (EDC) unit at the Ministry of Health has announced that 28 out of 32 cases of AKI in children have died, representing over 87% mortality rate.

Over 35 cases were reported, while only 32 met the event-based case definition.

According to the EDC, the cases were reported from Western 1, Western 2, Lower River Region and Central River Region.


“AKI is an abrupt (within hours) decrease in kidney function, which encompasses both injury (structural damage) and impairment (loss of function). It is a syndrome that rarely has a sole and distinct pathophysiology. Many patients with AKI have a mixed aetiology where the presence of sepsis, ischaemia and nephrotoxicity often co-exist and complicate recognition

and treatment,” EDC said.

Meanwhile, the EFSTH also confirmed discovering a rare condition which is being observed.