29 candidates nominated


At the close of nomination yesterday a total of 27 candidates have been nominated across the country for next month’s mayoral and chairmanship election. The latest were yesterday when five independent candidates were nominated in Brikama. They are Ahmad Gitteh, Ibrahim JS Sanneh, Bakary Saibou Sanneh, Baisey Sawo and Salifu Jallow. In KM Pa Modou Mbowe was nominated as independent sponsored by the No to Alliance movement while in Janjanbureh the group sponsored independent candidate Alagie AS Bouy. 

Speaking to journalists after filing his nominations, Ahmad Gitteh dismissed suggestions that his chances against heavy weights like NPP’s Seedy Ceesay and UDP’s Yankuba Darboe are slim.

“People vote for political parties based on convictions that the candidates selected are the right people for the job. Whether I am contesting under a political party or not, it is the same belief and conviction the people of West Coast have in me. They know I am a good and dedicated son of this land, educated and straightforward. No political party is bigger than the people and the very people that they run after to solicit votes are behind my candidacy and they will support me and help me in my bid to win the BAC chairmanship. The people are tired and they want a change. We are going to beat them and I am going to win 100 percent,” Gitteh said.


Pa Modou Mbowe said his mission is to elevate KM into the best municipality. 

He said his chances cannot be measured by crowds, as he responds to questions over his chances to win following large crowds amassed by his rivals Bakary Badjie and incumbent Talib Bensouda.

“I am not sure how they pulled their crowds but for me I have not paid a dime for anyone to come here. My supporters financed themselves to come here and I am sure they are going to vote for me. And that is different from somebody who pumps millions to buy a crowd. I don’t buy crowds and anybody who follows me will vote for me because I don’t give out money to look for support,” Mbowe chastised his opponents.

He called on KM residents to be politically vigilant and be aware of politicians who are out there to deceive them.

A prominent member of the No to Alliance Movement Jerrending Sanyang said Gambians should now realise that the Barrow government has no commitment to salvage this country from its many problems such as corruption.

“We have seen how the NPP candidate has illegally paid his wife per diem from public funds. I urge the KM residents to ask him to clarify this in his campaign platform,” Sanyang said.