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‘3 Years Jotna is not a violent movement’

By Amadou Jadama

Abdou Njie, the national chairman of Three Years Jotna, a movement which vowed to stage a demonstration against president Barrow’s refusal to step down in December, has said that his group does not believe in violence or disorder .

Speaking at an open air meeting in Bundung Six Junction, Njie said contrary to all the misconceptions his group’s members are from all tribes and share different political parties who have common objective to ensure that leaders just don’t fool the population and get away with it.

Addressing the opposing group Gambia For 5 Years, Njie said those are the type of people who made former president Yahya Jammeh fail. “It is the same people who came again pushing Barrow into trouble.

Everybody in Operation Three Years Jotna is clean and patriotic,” he said.
Mr Njie said instead of listening to unproductive and backward ideas by people who are keen on pushing for their own benefit, President Barrow should read the mood and mind of the right- thinking people of the country and act wisely.

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