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3 Years Jotna Says No Changes To Planned Protest…despite permit denial

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Officials of the 3 Years Jotna, who planned to stage a demonstration this weekend to demand President Barrow’s resignation, have said they will go ahead despite being denied a permit.

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The movement gave an ultimatum to the president last month asking him to among other things step down as he promised or face protest on 19 January, the 3rd anniversary of his term.

The group accordingly placed an application for permit but the Inspector General of Police announced the application has been denied, citing security concerns.
However speaking to reporters at the police headquarters, Matarr Ceesay, an executive member of the Movement said they did not discuss anything with the police on the matter since the reasons have already been made known on social media and other places.
“We rejected that reason in totality and consider it as a violation of our right to demand for the president to respect his fellow citizens by fulfilling his promise to step down after 3 years,” he said.

In subsequent telephone interview, Matarr Ceesay added that so far nothing has changed in the plans of the movement.
Karamo Fatajo, a supporter of the movement said the denial of permit is a failure on the part of the government.

“We the citizens have obeyed the law which requires us to seek a permit to exercise our rights. But if that right is seized like they have now done, then the citizens will have to demand their rights. So the call for Sunday’s march is still on course. We do not hate Adama Barrow or anybody. We are only demanding a right to protest on Sunday which is guaranteed by law,” Fatajo said.

Yankuba Darboe, another official said so far no changes have been made to their plans. ”This is a very big movement and it will take a while for all to receive and analyse information or take decisions. Until otherwise no changes yet,” he told The Standard.
The Movement’s officials went to the Ecowas Bureau in Banjul where they met officials of the regional body. A source told The Standard that Ecowas officials expressed a desire to engage all stakeholders to ensure that peace and stability continue to reign in the country.

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